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About Zivaya Wellness

Zivaya Wellness redefines the meaning of spa by elevating our wellness offerings and experiences that are unmatched all over the globe. We welcome you to discover, relax and heal.

What We Believe

Zivaya Wellness is a new age modern concept bringing complete holistic wellness into being.
We create a feeling of balance and a sense of well-being on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects.

Cold Pressed Virgin Oils
Naturally derived virgin oils that provide nourishment to body and hair.
Green Beauty

Natural and organically processed products are served to you.

Cruelty Free
Our products are completely PETA certified and we stand against animal testing.
Personalized Experience

Personalized experience curated for you by our highly skilled staff.

What We Do

We bring to you a holistic experience to calm your senses by indulging in our spa programs.


Our equipment is sanitized and utmost care is given to cleanliness.

Our Presence

Our partnership and collaboration with customers, is key to providing a unique and memorable guest experience. We are committed to enhancing your experience since we have served globally. Our global hospitality clients are :

Our Expertise

With 10 years of expertise, our team has an unparalleled passion for spa design, conceptualization & delivering quality wellness experiences.

Zivaya Wellness Team comprises top-level spa consultants, trainers and therapists from South-East Asian countries. The team also includes:

Our Products

All our products are cruelty-free, it’s a category containing all cosmetics that have not been tested on animals . All our products are vegan , paragon free, silicon free and sulphate free. They are also 100% natural and organically processed.

Sound Healing

Therapeutic sounds to reduce stress, balance the brain’s hemispheres and improve overall well-being. Sound therapy includes sound vibrations to help relax and reduce stress in the body.

We fused the sounds of traditional therapeutic sound instruments and voice with electronic sounds, to create a bespoke and tyrannical track for individuals.

Aroma Therapy

Zivaya Wellness believes nature holds the power to our well-being. Our blends are created from nature’s Therapeutic Palette with each oil playing key and active role. We search the world to ethically source the fresh ingredients and purest extracts, using the right distillation and extraction methods.

We use optimum levels & perfect blend of essential oils as per customer’s wellness objective or ailments, which help reset Mind, Body & Soul

Music Therapy

Music Theraphy is the use of sound and music to supportand encourage physical, mental and emotional well-being. Our Music Therapy is customized as for every individual needs and use different aspects of music to improve emotional and physical wellness.

Zivaya Wellness has curated rhythmic tunes in form of Ragas, that can resonate and sync with the alpha waves of the brain, that promote healing from stress, pain, insomnia, depression and more.
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